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GN-20 the floating woman appears Painting by Bob Orsillo

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Jeff Burgess

Jeff Burgess

Well, I hope your speculation doesn't come about. This work is creative and thought provoking.

Bob Orsillo

Bob Orsillo

Generation Next - GN-20 The Floating Woman Appears - Post Apocalyptic Surrealism Bob Orsillo's "Generation Next" is a series of paintings that paint a harrowing picture of the not-so-distant future. In this future, the majority of the population are children, struggling to survive in a world of insanity. Few adults are remaining in this dystopian world, and nature has all but disappeared. The sky burns and cities are in ruin. Food is scarce, and technology is dead. Orsillo's paintings are not only a warning of what could happen if we're not careful but also a call to action. His work reminds us that we need to do everything we can to protect our planet and our way of life. We can't let the world become a place where children are the only ones left standing. And alone. Artist Bob Orsillo Copyright(c)Bob Orsillo All rights Reserved.

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GN-20 the floating woman appears by Bob Orsillo
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